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How Roborock Robot Vacuums Work On Different Floor Types

How Roborock Robot Vacuums Work On Different Floor Types

Najib Raad |

Australians are adventurers, and adventure comes with mess – precisely why you need the best vacuum cleaner in Australia. While a wide range of vacuum cleaners are on the market, Roborock delivers the best robot vacuum in Australia.

What makes Roborock stand out from the crowd? How it tackles the different types of floors commonly found in Australian homes. From advanced sensor technology, and customisable cleaning modes, to adaptive brush and suction power and maintenance tips. 

Understanding the Roborock Difference

Roborock has been producing the best vacuum and mopping robots for the last decade, delivering robotic vacuums that Australians love and trust. Roborock robovacs are designed to reliably vacuum and mop, which has made Roborock one of Australia's most popular brands.

Australian homes are diverse in terms of flooring, especially across different states and territories. Whether your home is mostly carpet with some tiling or all tiles, you need the best robot vacuum cleaner to do the job well. With the right robovac, you can sit back and put your feet up while it does the heavy lifting. 

Once you complete the initial set-up, the robotic vacuum and mop will follow your schedule and operate when you program it to operate. You should be able to rely on a robot vacuum and mop to differentiate between flooring types and automatically switch to mopping or vacuuming, and with Roborock you can.

Types of Floors in Australian Homes

Before you invest in a robot vacuum, you must know what model can deliver what you need. With so many different flooring types in one home, you have to consider what robot vacuum will accommodate all of them. 

A robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for tile floors – you can set it to vacuum the area to remove any debris and then let it loose to mop up afterwards. It's strong enough to remove debris from carpeting, and it's gentle enough to operate on hardwood flooring as well. 

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is the perfect choice to adapt to any flooring changes as it cleans room to room. With 6000Pa suction power, it's powerful enough to tackle any debris on carpeting, while still gentle enough to keep your hardwood clean. Use the smartphone app to create no-go zones and assign cleaning modes to the right room as you set the schedule. If there are problem areas where your unit gets stuck, the app will make smart no-go zone suggestions. 

Advanced Sensor Technology 

How can a robot vacuum tell what floor it's on? Advanced sensors and cameras! Technology has advanced far beyond the first robot vacuum cleaner, with far more intelligence than ever before. 

LiDAR delivers the ultimate in navigation, while infrared sensors develop a map to intelligently navigate your home. A robot vacuum doesn't simply set off and vacuum aimlessly; it creates an efficient cleaning routine based on the maps it creates during the set-up stage. These sensors enable the most precise of cleans which is key to ensuring it operates safely on different surfaces. 

From walling off rooms in the app to assigning different cleaning modes to tackle each room individually, you can customise everything. That wouldn't be possible without the advanced sensor technology designed to adapt to different floors and navigate even the most complex layouts. This technology also helps conserve battery life, which is great for saving money on electricity! 

Customisable Cleaning Modes

Roborock offers customisable cleaning modes, whether you're looking for quiet, balanced, or turbo. 

With quiet mode, the battery will last twice as long, and you don't need to worry about waking pets or children, which is ideal for overnight or nap time operation. 

If you need a deeper clean, turbo mode might be your most suitable option. It will drain your battery quicker, but you can use it on high-pile carpets or floors with deeper crevices. 

Balanced mode provides you with the power you need to handle most surfaces. 

You can choose a cleaning mode by room to suit a specific floor type or cleaning need. 

Adaptive Brush and Suction Power 

Once you set your cleaning routine, your Roborock will automatically adjust its brush and suction power based on the floor type it's operating on. It easily accommodates carpeting, hardwood or tiling, applying the correct amount of suction and brush power to get the job done properly. 

It isn't just beneficial to the different types of flooring in your home, it also helps your battery last longer and delivers far more efficient cleaning. You can also level up by opting for carpet boost to run your robot vacuum if you'd like it to vacuum a particular room twice. 

Maintenance Tips

While a robot vacuum is a relatively hands-free endeavour, maintenance requirements exist. 

Regular maintenance includes emptying the dustbin, refilling the water tank, and wiping down the sensors. You should also check the brushes for any tangles and remove any debris.

Remove and wash removable parts for deeper cleaning and allow them plenty of time to dry before you replace them. You should replace the filter as required; some filters can be washed, but should be changed at least once a year regardless. 

Whether you're looking for a disposable dust bag, new filter, or floor cleaner, Roborock stocks a range of accessories to simplify robot vacuum ownership. 

Final Thoughts

Roborock stocks a range of robot vacuums, but no matter which model you choose, you will have a robot vacuum built to adapt to different floor types. You get the benefit of hands-free cleaning with little disruption to your life.