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6 Reasons Robot Vacuums with Multifunctional Docks Are A Must

6 Reasons Robot Vacuums with Multifunctional Docks Are A Must

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As a busy person in a busy world, you need convenient solutions to modern problems. When it comes to keeping your home clean, Roborock robot vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution to balancing the chaos of life with the desire for a tidy home. 

A standard robot vacuum dock simply recharges your device, but with Roborock's multifunctional docks, you can rely on yours to recharge, empty, refill, and so much more. Here, we share the six reasons to invest in a robot vacuum and mop with a multifunctional dock. 

Optimal Cleaning Efficiency

Multifunctional docks help streamline the cleaning process. They essentially act as the central hub of the robotic vacuum and mop. Like an F1 car pulling into the pit for a full overhaul, robotic vacuum cleaners get that treatment in their docking station. 

Roborock offers several different options when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners. You can rely on each for different features. The S8 MaxV Ultra comes with an all-in-one dock, voice control, and automatic recharging and will pick up where it left off if you lose battery mid-clean. You can rely on this multifunctional dock for self-emptying, self-cleaning, self-filling, self-drying, self-charging, and auto-detergent dispensing. The Qrevo, S8 Pro Ultra, and Qrevo MaxV's multifunctional docks deliver the same incredible benefits. 

It's never been easier to own a robotic vacuum and mop. With everything the multifunctional dock can offer, it's important to remember what the robot offers in its operation. In addition to a smartphone app, that allows you to schedule the right cleaning routine using varying maps of your home, you can enjoy the benefit of vacuuming and mopping. The S8 MaxV Ultra comes with a whopping, industry-leading 10,000Pa suction power and superior LiDAR sensors to enhance navigation.  

Hands-Free Dirt Disposal & Water Re-filling 

Regularly vacuuming and mopping your floors keeps allergens out of the air, which is good news come cold and flu season and allergy season. It's difficult to stay on top of that task when you're busy, but thanks to the best mopping and robot vacuum, you can rest easy letting it do all the work. Today's robot vacuums have bigger water tanks and dust bins, which means even less work for you. Even better, the multifunctional docks offer you self-emptying bins and self-filling water tanks. So, you have an even greater capacity for both before addressing the dock's bin and tank. The dock will also dry the mop pad with warm air to prevent mould growth or bacteria. It's a hygiene winner on every front and much less work for you.

Intelligent Navigation and Mapping

Roborock's range of robot vacuums are equipped with LiDar sensors, and cameras, and feature intelligent navigation and mapping. When your robovac operates and docks for the first, it uses these sensors to create detailed maps of the home. These maps include the layout of the room, the furniture, and any other obstacles the vacuum may encounter. This allows the machine to navigate efficiently as it cleans. It also allows you to set a targeted cleaning zone or waypoint for your vacuum to clean. When it docks, it receives the new instructions and will adapt its routine to respond to these. It also ensures your robot vacuum receives the latest updates to improve operation. 

You can create your own maps and set personalised cleaning schedules to tackle the toughest-to-clean areas more often. 

Space-Saving Design

Today's machines are slicker and smaller than ever before. It's an important point if you live in an apartment, have a small home, or just like a minimalistic look. The Qrevo MaxV, in particular, offers the slickest of space-saving designs, taking up very little floor space but still delivering all the benefits of a top-end robot vacuum. 

Enhanced User Experience

Robot vacuums have never been easier to operate from a user perspective. With a handy app, you can control absolutely everything in astonishing detail. In addition to creating detailed maps of your home, you can use the app to set a cleaning schedule that works for you, whether you want to mop your kitchen overnight and vacuum the dining room after every meal or tackle the entryway after the kids get home. You can also integrate your smart home device for voice control to send your vacuum off on extra cleaning routines if you need to. 

Long-Term Cost Saving

There's no doubt about it—investing in a robotic vacuum will save you money in the long term. It will reduce the need for cleaning supplies, whether cleaning solutions, filters, or vacuum bags. You will need replacement parts for your robovac occasionally, but certainly not as frequently as other products with a traditional vacuum. Robot vacuums are designed with energy efficiency in mind, so you should see a dip in your utility bills over the long term. 

While it isn't a direct financial benefit, don't underestimate how much time a robot vacuum will save you. It's doing a valuable job and freeing you up to spend time elsewhere. 

Final Thoughts

There's a lot to love about owning a robot vacuum with a multifunctional dock, from optimal cleaning efficiency and intelligent navigation and mapping to hands-free dirt disposal and water re-filling. With space-saving designs, enhanced user experience, and long-term cost savings, you can't afford to not invest in a modern robot vacuum. 

Ultimately, deciding which is the best robot vacuum in Australia is up to you. Every home has different needs, and the right robot vacuum will tick all of your cleaning boxes. Luckily, Roborock has a habit of delivering a range of the best robotic vacuums on the market. Whether you have an older style of robot vacuum or are new to the market, check out Roborock's range of robotic vacuums and mops to find the right fit for your home.