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Understanding Your Robot Vacuums' Intelligence: From Mapping to Scheduling

Robot Vacuum Mapping

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Imagine walking through the door at the end of a busy work day and your floors are spotless - dust and debris magically swept away while you were in the office. Thanks to the intelligence of robot vacuums, this could be your reality.

These smart devices, armed with sophisticated mapping technology and scheduling capabilities, have transformed household cleaning, turning what was once a tedious chore into an automated task. Sounds great, right?

In this article, we dive into the 'brains' behind your robot vacuum, exploring how they are able to navigate your home with precision and adapt to your preferred cleaning schedule. 

Mapping Technology 

When robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers brag about their mapping technology, they're talking about a combination of sensors, cameras, and a navigation system. For Roborock, that's PreciSense LiDAR navigation that makes them highly advanced when it comes to creating detailed and accurate maps of every room in your home. 

Mapping matters in robot vacuum and mop models, because your unit relies on those maps to ensure every inch of your home, is thoroughly cleaned. If it's interrupted for any reason, it can check its internal map to pick up exactly where it lift off, ensuring no speck of dust is overlooked!

In addition to highly efficient cleaning, the more accurate your vacuum cleaner mapping is the better it becomes at avoiding obstacles. Whether it's a priceless vase, your brand new puppy, or something as simple as a sock, your robot vacuum needs the sense to avoid it, and mapping contributes to that skill. 

Smart Navigation 

Once your robot vacuum cleaner has completed the mapping of your home, it applies that learning to smartly navigate from room to room while it cleans. 

It can identify its location and from that point, plan the optimal cleaning route. Not only will this ensure your vacuum tackles every speck of dust, but it will also maximise battery life by choosing efficiency. 

With mapping and navigation delivering efficiency, your robot vacuum and mop is more likely to finish a complete cleaning route without the need for charging. That means more efficient cleaning and less time on the dock charging for additional use, which reduces your electricity usage and makes for more consistent cleaning.

Room Recognition

Thanks to cameras and sensors, your robot vacuum cleaner can recognise the rooms in your home once it has fully mapped the area. This is key to customised cleaning and scheduling because you may want to stagger your schedule to tackle different rooms on different days to maximise battery life. So, if you want the hard floors mopped every other day and the carpeting vacuumed on the other days, your robot vacuum can recognise the right rooms to mop or vacuum and when.

One of the best mopping and vacuum robots for this purpose is the S8 Pro Ultra, with a range of additional features from 6000Pa suction power and reactive tech obstacle avoidance to 30% faster charging, off-peak charging, and it's self-washing, cleaning, drying, emptying, and filling!

Customisable Scheduling

The cleaning schedule is in your hands! Why invest in the best robot vacuum in Australia if you don't hold all the control? Whether you want to set a time and cleaning mode for the kitchen floors after dinner or tackle the living room after evening snacks – once you select the schedule, you can set it to repeat automatically. 

You can do this for each room individually or simply create a schedule for all rooms with similar flooring at the same time. It's up to you to determine the cleaning schedule that will work best for you! 

Adaptive Cleaning Modes

Roborock delivers adaptive cleaning modes in every model available.

  • Spot
    If there's a silly spill, send the robotic vacuum on a special mission! Spot clean addresses a 5x5 square area, whether it's a pile of crumbs or spilt milk. 
  • Edge
    Tackle the edges without risking big falls with a combination of edge mode and utilising your no-go zones!
  • Turbo
    There's no better way to bust dust in high-traffic areas than with turbo mode. It's also the ideal option for pet hair problems. 

Each mode delivers different cleaning requirements, whether you're dealing with high-traffic areas or pet hair. You can choose your preferred mode for different floor types, the best robot vacuum cleaner will adapt as it transitions from room to room. 

Voice and App Control 

If you want the best vacuum cleaner in Australia, you need a model that delivers on voice and app control. Luckily, Roborock has plenty of choices that meet those specifications. Thanks to voice commands and smartphone apps, you don't have to worry about your robovac; you can set it up and let it operate based on your inputs. It makes life much easier when you don't have to think about chores. 

The Roborock Q Revo is the perfect choice for smart home device compatibility. Set your own custom commands to set your robot vacuum off on its normal schedule or trigger an extra cleaning routine. The Q Revo also delivers 5500Pa suction power, obstacle avoidance, and dual spinning mops. 

Maintenance and Alerts

The smartphone app is the key to maintaining your robot vacuum because it will provide you with an alert if there is an outstanding maintenance issue. Whether it's a filter replacement or a brush jam, it will also alert you if the dustbin hasn't been emptied in a significant period of time. Staying on top of maintenance is the key to avoiding warning alerts for basic issues, but if you do receive an alert, respond quickly to maintain optimal performance. 

Make sure you wipe the sensors regularly, detangle the brushes, and wipe any debris from the underside of your unit. Stay on top of parts to ensure your accessories are fresh; we also strongly suggest you invest in a Roborock floor cleaner for maximum cleaning power and to ensure your unit runs perfectly every use.

It’s Worth The Investment

With advanced mapping, customised scheduling, and adaptive cleaning modes, a robot vacuum is a sound investment. Not only will your new robovac save you time, but it will deliver a level of convenience few appliances do.